Performance Speaks, Part 1: Perseverance and a laser focus on goals

Great leaders know to expect the unexpected. Each of us has encountered our own set of challenges throughout our lives and careers. The path to success is almost always different than what we had planned. Regardless of what those challenges are, the importance of staying focused on the goals we have set for ourselves is critical to overcoming the obstacles in our way.


We recently sat down with Mike Yastrzemski, outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, to talk about the parallels between succeeding in Major League Baseball and succeeding in the boardroom. Mike’s personal path to success, which includes overcoming his fear of failure and realizing the intangible value of a support system, is a road map every leader can follow.


As the World Series gets underway, we’re sharing Mike’s discussion on “Performance Speaks” in a special three-part series. In part 1 below, Mike discusses how the path to MLB success was not as straight as he had hoped – and what he learned along the way. As we think about our personal paths and reflect on the challenges we have overcome in the past, or are currently working through at present, it is imperative that we learn from the lessons those challenges brought.


Watch as we discuss how one’s career path takes the necessary twists and turns to build leadership skills and personal character.