The Focus Report

A Big-Picture Approach to Evaluating Business Performance

At all stages of the business lifecycle, having objective insight into key business activities is essential. The Focus Report, a customizable diagnostic tool, provides executives with an unbiased point of view and actionable business recommendations. It measures the overall financial health of an organization’s people, processes, and systems by identifying risks, critical gaps, and opportunities in key functional areas.

From Roadblocks to Roadmaps

With The Focus Report, our consultants help company leaders and stakeholders gain an in-depth understanding of their organization’s financial and operational health within 90 days. The tool enables our interim leaders and advisors to identify areas of strength, readily pinpoint challenges, and recommend solutions. 


The reputation of an interim executive is built on the level of success they achieve during an engagement. The Focus Report boosts accountability and strengthens collaboration to ensure highly successful outcomes and tangible results.


If an interim leader identifies deficiencies, gaps, or challenges, the report’s high-level executive dashboard is a highly functional communication tool. It presents risk ratings visually according to high, medium, or low assessments.


The report is an easy-to-digest diagnostic tool for PE investors, sponsors, and CEOs. It provides a clear snapshot of a business’s financial function and unbiased, strategic recommendations from accomplished interim executives.

Developing Winning, Future-Forward Strategies

With input from the client to ensure alignment, Focus Search Partners’ interim leaders begin framing the report at the start of an engagement. The report captures 10 key functional categories on a highly visual dashboard and each area is assigned an initial risk category.  Some of the functional areas the report covers include:

  • Strategic planning Is business strategy aligned with market opportunity, the competitive environment, and capital availability?
  • Operations Are operating plans properly aligned with strategic and financial goals?
  • Financial planning and analysis Are financial planning functions proactive and are business models structurally sound, scalable, and sustainable?
  • Turnarounds and special situations Are business plans developed to realistically create strategic, operational, and financial options for recovery?
  • People and culture – Does the organization’s culture reflect overall strategic goals and is it an asset of the company?
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Insight for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

The Focus Report not only provides clarity and focus for interim executives during their engagement, but it’s also an incredible gift to hand off to the new permanent executive as they’re transitioning into their new role. It offers a clear picture of where the company was, where they are now, and where they’re heading. Providing clarity, continuity, and focus.

  • Gain objective insight into 10 key functional areas
  • Expedite executive-level conversations to drive key business decisions
  • Quickly prioritize strategic efforts to drive change
  • Eliminate gaps by leveraging key stakeholder input 
  • Develop an optimal go-forward strategy
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