Focus Search Partners Team

Jessica Kashyap

Managing Director

Jessica is a dynamic leader with a diverse background and a passion for personal and professional development. In 2023, she joined Focus Search Partners to spearhead the firm’s CFO Solutions practice, where she offers invaluable support to CFOs as they navigate their careers. With a strong track record of exceeding client and candidate expectations, Jessica leads with transparency, candor and an unwavering sense of urgency. 

 Prior to her role at Focus Search Partners, Jessica honed her expertise at Vaco, where she provided exceptional solutions to organizations, both private equity-backed and publicly traded. Her experience guiding companies through substantial transformations gives her unique insight into the concerns that weigh on the minds of CFOs.  

Jessica’s journey to leadership began with her Master of Accountancy from Owen Graduate School of Management and her early career at Deloitte & Touche. Her multicultural upbringing, born and raised in India, followed by studies in Germany and a move to the United States, has provided her with a global perspective and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.  

Jessica’s leadership philosophy is rooted in trust and respect. She believes in leading by example, never asking her team to do something she wouldn’t do herself. Trust, she insists, is not earned—it’s given, with the understanding that it can be broken only when proven wrong. Her management style fosters an environment where opinions matter and are always considered, creating an ecosystem of collaboration and growth. 

One of Jessica’s greatest achievements is her talent for developing individuals to reach their full potential. She has a track record of nurturing those around her and helping them find new paths in their careers. Her commitment to growth and learning is evident in her encouragement to say “yes” and to figure out the “how” after the fact, within reason. 

Jessica’s personal journey of adapting to new cultures and identities has instilled in her a deep commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen of the world. She acknowledges the challenges of change but believes that embracing it is essential for ongoing personal and professional growth. Her mantra is to do good, feel good and be good, and she exemplifies this in her approach to her leadership role at work and in life. 

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