Case Study: Interim CFO Positions Streaming Service for Successful Sale

Removed $120 million of contingent liabilities from the balance sheet and ensured company profitability. 


VC-backed streaming service


  • Interim Executive Services 
  • Interim CFO
  • Turnaround


  • Private Equity
  • Media & Entertainment

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Our Challenge

A venture capital-backed streaming service needed to stabilize its increasingly dire financial situation stemmed from staggering losses. With a $20 million mezzanine loan looming, the company lacked the means to cover the balloon payment and remain solvent and operational. Running out of cash and time, the company turned to Focus Search Partners (FSP) for immediate help and engaged one of FSP’s interim CFOs, an experienced media and entertainment industry veteran.

Solutions & Outcomes

“Focus Search Partners’ interim CFO instantly became a trusted, respected, and valued part of the team. He quickly got up to speed on our business and had creative ideas on how to counter key roadblocks and issues. He adapted to our culture quickly, which was no small feat during a pandemic; he was calm under pressure; and he took the time to mentor and develop the team as he executed the plan. He is the consummate professional and the perfect person to tackle the hard jobs.”                                                            - Chief Executive Officer



Removed $120 million of contingent liabilities from the balance sheet


Forecasted $10 million EBITDA for 2021


Saved 200+ jobs

We have worked with thousands of clients across a diverse set of industries.