“Musical Chairs”: New White Paper Features Q&A with Industry Executives on Navigating the Effects of COVID-19

Remember musical chairs? That cutthroat, survival-of-the-fittest game we all played as kids? Of course you do! The ominous circle of too-few mismatched chairs, the jangling music, and the sizing up of the competition. Surely you haven’t forgotten the elbows that were thrown as you rushed to nab your seat when the music stopped?

Back then, the choice was easy: when the world went silent, take a seat. Any seat would do.

In our new COVID-19 world, staying in the game is not that simple. We’ve talked to a number of executives and industry peers who feel as though they’re playing a higher stakes version of musical chairs. We’re all trying to figure out how to grab a seat at the table but we’re not entirely sure if the music has really stopped. Or which seat is in the best position.

This is our new normal, and we will be playing grown-up musical chairs for a while.

To help business leaders find the right positioning for their businesses, Focus Search Partners recently connected with five proven business leaders for a virtual Q&A session on how to lead and thrive during transitional times such as these: · Jared Cohen, senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions at Skyview Capital, LLC · Dennis Groseclose, founder and CEO of TransVoyant · Andre Prince, partner and head of the private equity practice for MorganFranklin Consulting · Adam Spice, CFO of Rocket Labs · Reed Taussig, operating executive of Marlin Equity Partners

We asked our five experts for their advice about what executives should be doing to help their companies navigate this current market landscape, what we can expect in the future, and how our supply chain is rising to new challenges. And their answers may surprise you.

Download our latest white paper, “Musical Chairs: Pivoting successfully & positioning your company for a win in a COVID-19 world,” to learn key insight for leading your teams successfully today – and tomorrow!

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