About Focus Search Partners

Family of Brands

As a Vaco company, Focus Search Partners is part of a family of brands that creates opportunities and provides solutions for thousands of candidates and companies every year. Our ecosystem of services and solutions touches everything from healthcare IT consulting and strategic staffing to methodology-driven advisory services, supply chain solutions, cybersecurity, and world-class retained executive search. 

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A powerful network of comprehensive solutions


Vaco is a global talent solutions and business consulting firm that partners with organizations to help solve their most complex business challenges across technology, accounting and finance, and operations. Our approach is relationship-driven and people-centered; our solutions are scalable and tailor-made to each client’s unique needs. From business consulting and managed services to strategic staffing and digital solutions, Vaco is with you all the way.

Morgan Franklin Consulting

MorganFranklin Consulting is a methodology-driven management and technology consulting firm. We help organizations address critical objectives in finance, technology, and business, across accounting and risk, cybersecurity, finance transformation, transaction advisory and more. Our client-centered service model is built on collaboration, accountability, and transparent communication and delivering results in even the most challenging, high-stakes environments.

Pivot Point Consulting

Meet the #1-ranked, best in KLAS healthcare IT consulting firm that provides strategy and talent solutions for providers, payers and life sciences organizations. Stay focused on outcomes because you can leave the day-to-day maintenance of IT and EHR operations to us. With more than 450 employees serving over 100 clients across the United States, Pivot Point Consulting is with you all the way from evaluation to implementation and beyond.