Updating the Sales Playbook in the Time of COVID-19

Lessons from recession-savvy sales technology leaders

Revealing and Redefining Leadership

Insights about leadership, moving forward, and making the right hiring choices for a changing world

In this timely white paper, Adam Charlson, managing partner of Focus Search Partners and co-leader of Vaco’s retained executive search division, explores the rapidly changing landscape of sales. Charlson interviewed three thought leaders from Google, Akamai, and Splunk to find out what they have to say about leadership, moving forward, and making the right hiring choices for a changing world.

Find Out What's Inside

It’s time to re-write yesterday’s sales playbook. In this white paper, we’ll discuss:

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“It really matters to be realistic and honest with your team. Just keep the business moving forward, and with that, focus on the things you can control versus what you can’t … Acknowledge the realities that we’re dealing with and lead them through it. Authentic leadership is critical right now.”

Adam Charlson

Managing Partner
Focus Search Partners

Lessons From Recession-Savvy Sales Leaders

While a lot is changing, thankfully, some things really do remain the same. Find out what today’s leaders and sales experts think will work today … and tomorrow.

Finding the Right Sales Leaders for Today’s World

Culture has always been important, but our experts believe that it matters even more now than ever before. Discover how to build culture and trust, change your sales cadence, and update your sales methodology. Reward individuals and teams who have the talent and drive to succeed in the face of challenging circumstances.

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