Focus Search Partners Team

Farah Hottle

D&I Chair

Farah leads talent acquisition and inclusion, diversity and equity programs across Vaco’s family of companies, including Focus Search Partners, Morgan Franklin Consulting, and Pivot Point Consulting.

During her tenure here, she has lead the development and implementation of equitable hiring practices, including pre-defined interview stages and candidate scorecards with consistent evaluation criteria. Farah has also developed structured hiring processes designed to mitigate unconscious bias and co-launched Vaco’s Reverse Mentorship Program and “Uncomfortable Conversations” series to develop cross-cultural awareness and promote an inclusive working culture.

Additionally, Farah has set the direction for virtual D&I events on topics including “Countering Stereotypes,” “Culture Fit v. Culture Add” and “Does Diversity Include Everyone?”

Outside of work, Farah is a mom of four and devoted wife.

We have worked with thousands of clients across a diverse set of industries.