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Veteran Board Members Share Insider Secrets for Thriving in Today’s CFO Role and Catapulting Your Way Up the Ladder

There's Never Been a More Exciting Time to Be a CFO

Forget the spreadsheet-driven leaders of the past. Today’s CFOs must be motivational, inspirational, and strategic thinkers. To help our CFO community understand this fast-moving shift and see it from the boardroom perspective, Focus Search Partners spoke with three C-suite veterans who sit on a collective 11 boards to gain their expertise on what makes a modern CFO most successful in today’s data-driven world.

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“This in-depth resource offers practical advice for both current and aspiring CFOs from three veteran C-suite leaders and board members. It’s chock full of valuable advice for financial leaders who want to thrive in their roles and take their careers to the next level, in whatever capacity that might be — landing a new CFO role, scoring a CEO position, or securing a seat on the board. The eBook is convincing and compelling, and we hope you enjoy reading it.”

Monica Foster

Managing Director
Focus Search Partners

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