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Executive Succession Planning Is a Task for the Board Room standard

Executive succession planning should be an ongoing board function. Best practice organizations are moving executive succession planning and leadership development from the human resources department into the C-suite and the board room in their pursuit of elevated business continuity planning. This is because the business and financial risks of executive mis-hires and misalignment can be as threatening to the viability of an organization as an operations failure or a major data security breach. Given the challenges faced by companies today on many fronts--and because few executives routinely consider succession planning and take stock of who’s on the leadership bench--senior management should consider institutionalizing a board-level function to oversee leadership development and executive succession planning and implementation.   Quantifying the Costs Using a ...

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5 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Search for a Healthcare CIO standard

The Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) role has grown in both scope and complexity over the last several years, evolving especially fast in the healthcare industry. The CIO is expected to thoroughly understand technology development, clinician needs, healthcare consumer trends, applicable federal regulations, as well as business strategy application. There are several factors contributing to the evolution of the CIO: Focus towards healthcare cost and quality Pay-for-performance IT adoption and lack of clarity in interoperability Competitive pressures among providers Complexity in developing IT systems that integrate internal business needs with disperse hospital customers Before launching a healthcare CIO candidate search, consider these five points. 1. Recognize It Is a High Profile Role. Today’s CIO is a critical member of a company’s senior executive team, ...

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