Performance Speaks: Profiling 2020’s “Winning” CEOs in PE-backed Healthcare

What does it mean to be the best?

What does it take to win?

As we sit down with board members and private equity investors to define what “best” means for their CEO needs we need to look at the ideal candidate experience that will maximize the likelihood of a successful CEO.

For our CEOs in the middle market, we have focused our definition of winning on the end goal, successfully selling a private equity backed business, either to another private equity firm, a strategic buyer or through an IPO process.

We take a closer look at the attributes and experiences of a successful CEO profile and find that as the competing success factors wrestle with one another, there is no clear answer of what characteristics definitively define a successful CEO.

Instead, Building Teams is the game changer.

Download our latest edition in our Performance Speaks series: “ Profiling 2020’s “Winning” CEOs in PE-backed Healthcare Services,” as we try to answer the question,
“How do we know whether a ‘proven’ CEO will be successful again or if the first-time CEO will find victory?”

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